Royal Arch Chapter of Research No. 222

History of the Royal Arch Chapter of Research No. 222, Ireland:

May 7, 2008

The Warrant for Royal Arch Chapter of Research No. 222 was origionally granted by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland on the 1st. February 1978 and the Chapter was constituted on 29th. April 1978.

The Royal Arch Chapter of Research does not engage in the exemplification of Masonic Ritual, and confers only the Masonic Degree of Installed King, High Priest and Chief Scribe annually when Installing the newly elected Council.

The Foundation Officers were:

Office Holder Chapter

Excellent King :
High Priest :
Chief Scribe :
Registrar :
Treasurer :
Captain of the Host :
Sup. of the Tabernacle :
Royal Arch Captain :
Captain of the Scarlet Veil :
Captain of the Purple Veil :
Captain of the Blue Veil :
Janitor :
William J. O'Brien.
William W. Preston.
Samuel Hunter.
Cecil H. Fallon.
Ellis J. Barker.
George N. Hegarty.
William McLain.
Eric W. T. Bell.
John H. Bolster.
Herbert W. Jones.
Barnabus H. Bennett.
J. Brien Smyth.
293 120

Aims of the Chapter of Research:

The Chapter was constituted to encourage research into the history, antiques, symbols and ceremonies of the Order, by means of papers on such subjects and aslo by discussion.

The Officers and Committee of Management determined that the Authors of the papers are alone responsible for the statements and opinions expressed in their contributions.

The Officers and Committee of Management also expressed the wish that subordinate Chapters use these papers at Conventions as lecturers and by this means foster a greater understanding of the history and traditions of the Supreme Grand Royal arch Chapter of ireland.